Tree Pruning

We can carry out all types of tree pruning as required and can advise on the best options for you trees. This includes:

  • Crown reduction, crown thining and crown lifting.
  • Coppicing and pollarding.
  • Removal of undesired branches, unsafe branches and deadwood.

Tree Removal

We are happy to remove any type of tree including those in difficult situations. We are experienced in rigging and climbing enabling us to remove trees safely even when in close proximity to residential property. After removal we will dispose of all waste material and if required can remove the tree stump too.

Hedge Trimming

Overgrown hedges can be quickly tamed with the right tools. We provide winter and spring pruning as well as trimming during the summer growth season. Unfortunately, if you want your hedge in the shape of a squirrel you will need to find a topiarist. Our lead tree surgeon can carve a bear from a log with his chainsaw in minutes, but cannot do squirrels with his hedge trimmer – sorry!


The most important aspect of turfing is ground preparation as this is the foundation of any good lawn. We provide ground clearance, ground preparation and turfing services with a number of grass options depending on uses and budgets.

Fencing and Decking

We specialise in solid traditional fencing and decking made from locally sourced materials. We know how to build strong foundations and properly constructed fence and deck platforms. We can provide basic construction options or can build to suitably detailed plans.

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